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This tour is more adventure based . We take you from the mountain jungles to rain forest. You will have a opportunity to assist poor people in remote areas.

Day 1 : Negombo

For your convenience our guide comes to the Bandaranaike_International_Airport. You will be provided with a safe and convenient journey to your proposed hotel / guest house after a warm welcome.

Day 02 Sigiriya

We leave to Sigiriya after a delicious meal in the morning and we suppose to visit Pineries and tile / brick manufactories in this journey. Also you witness some other important places on the way. First, we visit the Dambulla cave temple on our way to Sigiriya. Then we arrange a sufficient time for you to relax in a swimming pool in a hotel nearby the ancient Sigiriya Rock after enjoying at these memorable exciting places.

Day 03 Trincomalee

Heading back to South, we arrive to trincomalee across the former No Man’s Land. You can witness the world famous deepwater harbor at Trincomalee. Trinco had been Btritish Naval Base during World War ii . There is also a war cemetery outside the town. For sailors servicemen who perished during hostilities with the Japanese. We visit the historic Koneswaram Hindu temple, perched on rocky outcrop overlooking the ocean when passing through the bustling the ocean when passing through the bustling Trinco town. The original temple dates to 400 BC but it has been restored later as it had been destroyed by the Portuguese colohialists who were intolerant of other religions. Now the Koneswaram temple is a attractive of worship with a lot of stunning views. We suppose to spend the night in Nilaweli at the North of Trico.

Day 4 Polonnaruwa

We move towards the West once for the ancient city of Polonnaruwa , the 2nd Kingdom of Sri Lanka. Polonnaruwa’s ruined places and dagobas provide a fascinating insight into the post reign of glory. In the 11th century, Polonnaruwa replaced Anuradhapura as Sri lanka’s rulling city after a devastating invasion by invaders from South India. The King Parakramabahu 1 , the most famous of Polonnaruwa’s rulers, created the vast Parakroma Samudra (Sea of parakrama) which remains one of the finest examples of Sri Lanka’s skill at water management. We stay overnight at Polonnaruwa.

Day 5 Mahiyangana

We strike out for the east leaving the historic Polonnaruwa driving through lush mountain terrain. We pass the big Victoria Reservoir then climb steadlly higher until winding down at the eastern plains on the famous 18 hairpin bend pass. Passing through the town of Mahiyangana with its famous Buddish temple we arrive at Dambana, the ancestral home of Sri lanka’s indigenous Vedda people. We enjoy the traditional Vedda dancing as the sun sets

Day 6 Knuckles

Looming before us we will catch sight the recumbent folds and peaks of a section of mountain known as the Knuckles for its resemblance to a clenched fist. Sinhaleese locals have traditionally referred to this area as Dumbara Kanduvetiya which means a mist-laden mountain range. The entire area is characterized by its stunning landscapes often robed in thick layers of cloud and mist. We spend the night at Knuckels Mountains.

Day 7/8 Kandy

Kandy is the second-largest city in Sri Lanka after Colombo and it is famous for its Royal Botanical Gardens and the Temple of the Tooth. It is situated in a beautiful highland region of tea plantations. Kandy had been the capital city of the last remaining independent kingdom of Sri Lanka after the coastal regions were conquered by the Portuguese, Dutch and British respectively from 1592 to 1815. At last it was capitulated to the British. The famous Royal Botanical Gardens were the Lord Mountbatten’s headquarters during the Second World War. We Spend the Night at Kandy.

Day 9 Nuwara eliya

We move towards the mountains higher and higher along the hair-pin road, until we reach Nuwara Eliya city , known as the Little England from the days when the British used to retreat here to escape the scorching heat of the lowlands. Nuwara Eliya is situated at an altitude of 6,128ft.We visit Ramboda falls hotel which is supposed to be the best spot adjacent to Ramboda falls to taste a buffet while enjoying a fascinating view. Proceeding our journey, we approach to a tea factory. In that factory we would be having an excursion inside to gather some knowledge about tea manufacturing process. Also you have an opportunity to taste & buy variety of tea products. Nuwara-Eliya is our day’s last destination to accommodate in a lovely place.

Day 10 Kithulgala

We reach to Kitulgala (The location where the” Bridge on the River Kwai” was filmed). As the first event, we proceed to Kithulgala to have an adventurous experience which is called as white water rafting at Kalani river.

Day 11 Negombo / Departure

Today is your last day of the journey and we would be heading to Negombo / Colombo Airport on your choice. On the way we would be showing you rubber estates and Coco plantations. Then we would take you to the beach hotel / Airport where you can relax / fly with all these exceptional memories.